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As an Investor in the Partnership, you are an essential part of a successful team that yields significant returns for Orange County and for businesses and organizations like yours. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of becoming an OCP Investor, simply provide your information below and our Investor Relations Representative will be in touch right away. Thank you.


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    Sal Boutureira, President - "SABO Industrial has been in the wastewater treatment industry since 1992. Sabo Industrial’s innovative products and solutions provide an affordable way to be environmentally compliant. As an Orange County Partnership Investor, we have access to a members-only web portal that keeps us informed on all ongoing projects in the Mid-Hudson Region. That insight provides opportunities for Sabo to engage in those projects for which we can make an impact."

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    Jimmy Smith, President - "Advance Testing is a construction materials testing and inspection firm that has been providing high quality services to our clients since 1984. When it comes to growing your business in Orange County, becoming an Investor in the Partnership is just the beginning. Being part of the team is progress. Working together is success. With an investor retention rate of over 90%, the benefits of investment meet and exceed the expectations of the business community."

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