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Aero Mock-Ups Inc. announces its first standing airline interior set in New York

North Hollywood, CA. Aero Mock-Ups has supplied realistic and camera-ready cockpits and aircraft cabin interiors to the entertainment industry since 1988. Aero Mock-Ups’ newest airline interior set is now located at the Umbra of Newburgh Sound Stages in Newburgh, N.Y.

This 62’ wide-body (2 aisles) standing set consists of a cockpit door and wall, a 16’ foot forward service area, 31’ passenger cabin with either your choice of 5 rows of 2-1-2 across first class seating or 10 rows of 2-3-2 coach class seating, and a 15’ rear service area.

The Newburgh, NY location joins Aero Mock-Ups other North American Locations:

North Hollywood California, the home office with standing stage sets as well as the ability to economically transport airline sets to anywhere in the world.

New Jersey, this warehouse facility has the ability to ship airline interiors to your location as well as the North Hollywood location.

For information on our Newburgh standing set or how best to provide the most suitable airline interiors for your production in the most economical way possible, contact Richard Chan.