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Orange County Exec. Neuhaus Makes Key Staff Changes

Orange County Executive Neuhaus reported recently a number of key staff changes.

The changes are as follows: Orange County Attorney Langdon Chapman will be named Commissioner of Human Resources; Former County Attorney Richard Golden will become County Attorney; Alicia D’Amico, currently the Deputy Commissioner of the county’s General Services Department, will be named Director of Operations, replacing Dan Bloomer. Current Commissioner of Human Resources Steve Gross will become the Director of Economic Development.

Neuhaus noted that Chapman, who has served as County Attorney since 2014, will continue to play a key role in his administration and praised Golden, who previously served as County Attorney from 1994 to 2001. Golden has more than 40 years of municipal law experience and has been a partner with Burke, Miele, Golden and Naughton in Goshen for 20 years. 

Golden was selected as the Orange County Partnership’s MVP (Most Valuable Partner) for 2021. “This is the Partnership’s highest award of excellence, recognizing an individual who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to improve the economic strength and diversity of Orange County,” said Maureen Halahan, President and CEO of the Orange County Partnership.

“From the start of my administration, Langdon has worked closely with me to support my efforts to balance the county budget,” Neuhaus said. “He was an integral part of our success in attracting LEGOLAND to Orange County. When the COVID-19 pandemic began two years ago, he volunteered to be stationed for months at the County 911 Center playing a key role in the county’s response to the public health emergency. I know he will succeed in his new role and will continue to work closely with me in the operation of County government.”

Commenting on Golden’s appointment, Neuhaus said, “Rick is a problem solver with experience in courtrooms, board rooms, and places where decisions get made. When Langdon accepted my invitation to become Commissioner of Human Resources, Rick stood out above all others as a potential County Attorney. I am confident the residents of Orange County will be well represented by Rick and he will resolve cases and advance County contracts in a favorable way.”

D'Amico previously served in the County Executive’s Office as Assistant to the County Executive from 2014-2016. She then served as Deputy Commissioner of General Services, overseeing several major projects relating to internet technology and procurement of goods and services.

“Alicia is smart, knows how to hold the line on spending, and will be a great advocate within my office to help solve problems for taxpayers and within County Government,” Neuhaus said. “Dan Bloomer was very familiar with Orange County government and its operations and was an asset to the County over the last three years.”

Bloomer previously worked for Orange County government from 1979 to 2001.

Gross, a 25-year Orange County Government employee, has served in many high-profile positions in County Government, including Director of Operations and Cost Control, Assistant to the County Executive, Acting County Executive and for the past 12 years as Commissioner of Human Resources.

“Steve Gross has experience in almost every aspect of Orange County Government,” said Halahan. “I look forward to working with such a strong, smart leader who gets things done and comes up with fresh ideas.”

Both Human Resources Commissioner and County Attorney are subject to confirmation by the Orange County Legislature. Chapman will be nominated to be Commissioner of Human Resources with the position to take effect no later than April 10. Golden’s nomination will formally be made upon Chapman’s confirmation and he would be expected to start in mid-May. 

“I have worked closely with Langdon Chapman and Rick Golden in different capacities over many years,” said Katie Bonelli, Chairwoman of the Orange County Legislature. “They are both competent managers and professionals who have served the county well. Steve Gross has been called upon by different administrations to take on new and challenging roles and Alicia has been an asset to the County during her tenure. I am pleased to support these moves by the County Executive and know our county will be well served by Langdon, Alicia, Rick and Steve in their new roles.”