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BREAKING NEWS: Orange County, NY Secures FAST NY Shovel-Ready Grant for Advanced Manufacturing Tech Park Development

GOSHEN, N.Y. (March 1, 2024)—The Orange County Partnership is pleased to announce that the Aden Brook Business Park located in Montgomery, NY is the winner of a $462,000 FAST NY Shovel-Ready Grant, a testament to the foresight of the Orange County Partnership in crafting the application, while the Orange County IDA seamlessly submitted the proposal.


Under the program developed by New York State Governor, Kathy Hochul, Empire State Development (ESD) provides grants for pre-development activities and infrastructure investments to develop sites that will attract eligible industries —including, but not limited to, high-tech manufacturing, clean-tech renewable energy, life sciences, materials processing, industrial machinery manufacturing, and other advanced manufacturing.


The Orange County Partnership, along with our economic development partners, has been continuously working to grow the advanced manufacturing sector in the region. The Partnership has worked on building relationships with national companies and consultants on identifying opportunities to attract tech-based economic development projects to the county. A key part of the efforts to grow the economy is focused on developing a manufacturing-centric business park.

The forthcoming Aden Brook Business Park, a 116-acre farm site, will feature multiple buildings in a variety of sizes tailored for advanced manufacturing uses such as life sciences, microelectronics, and clean tech. Given the growing semiconductor activity in New York, this business park will be positioned to accommodate supply chain-oriented manufacturing uses in this sector. Economic development officials aim to use this business park as a bridge between NYC and Albany, offering supply chain connectivity, proximity to innovation institutions, and access to downstate talent. The site's key adjacencies include Medline Industries, Orange County Airport, and I-84.


The $462,000 FAST NY grant will help cover a portion of the costs of securing land-use approvals and various expenses related to engineering, site design, SEQRA, consulting, etc.

"Winning the FAST NY Shovel-Ready Grant for Aden Brook Business Park marks a exciting moment for Orange County. This investment will unlock opportunities for advanced manufacturing and help us attract innovative companies. The impact will reverberate across the county, creating jobs, attracting cutting-edge industries, and solidifying Orange County's position as a hub for dynamic business development. We are thrilled to embark on this journey, charting a course towards a prosperous future for our community. Thank you to Governor Kathy Hochul for the continued investment in Orange County and the Hudson Valley" said Maureen Halahan, President, and CEO of the Orange County Partnership.


“The Orange County IDA is proud to have teamed up with the Orange County Partnership in submitting this grant application – these grant monies will help facilitate the development of our newest advanced manufacturing park, creating good paying jobs and delivering tax revenue to the residents of Orange County” said Bill Fioravanti, Executive Director of the Orange County IDA.


“We’ve listened to the community and one thing was made clear – Montgomery should focus on creating good-paying advanced technology, manufacturing, and agriculture jobs. This is a key first step toward realizing that vision” said Steve Brescia, Town of Montgomery Supervisor.


"As Orange County Executive, economic development is one of my core priorities. I am excited by the potential to use this business park to recruit world-renowned companies to our community. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to progress, and I look forward to the positive transformation it brings to Orange County” said Steve Neuhaus, Orange County Executive.


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