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Diana Announces Agreement with CoachUSA/Shortline

Orange County Executive Edward A. Diana is pleased to announce that today the County of Orange and CoachUSA/Shortline have a signed capital cost contract that will provide for a $13.9 million dollar investment in the region’s public transportation infrastructure, as CoachUSA/Shortline proceeds with plans to build its new regional bus facility to be located in Chester, New York.

“This is further evidence that Orange County continues to be a major competitive player in attracting and retaining corporate investment, and quality jobs for our residents,” said County Executive Diana.

Construction of the new facility will be aided by virtue of a new mechanism for passing through Federal Transit Administration funds to support the public transit services CoachUSA/Shortline provides in and through Orange County.

“This has been a long time coming and has only been made possible by the concerted efforts of all the parties involved. This is a prime example of the public and private sectors working together for the benefit of the public at large, especially those in Orange County,” said George Grieve, general manager of Coach USA Northern District and president of Shortline.

The federal share of the first payment is $2.188 million. The NY State share of about $273,000 will follow. A total of almost $13.9 million in funding, approved by the Federal Transit Administration and New York State, is authorized by the County Legislature for this new program. The local match is provided by CoachUSA/Shortline. Future payments will be based on capital expenses as they are reported by the transit company to the county, state and federal governments.

Diana said, “I want to thank the County’s Office of Business Assistance, the Orange County IDA, the Orange County Department of Planning, the Orange County Chamber of Commerce, the Orange County Partnership, and the town of Chester for working together on this extremely important project. This is a great day for Orange County’s economy.”