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 Office of Economic Development  Orange County, NY

As the Office of Economic Development, the Orange County Partnership not only prides itself on attracting new business, but providing the existing Orange County companies a resource to obtain information for expanding their current operations.

The Partnership continually conducts statistical research on various topics including commercial real estate, taxes, workforce, household income, and vacancy rates. Below you will find the most recent studies that have been completed.

Call the Orange County Partnership today for more information on these demographic reports.

More Information
Available Orange County New York Sites - Office of Economic Development
Directory of Major Employers
Demographics at a Glance
click on the links below to view tax studies
  • Economic Resource Guide
  • Overview of Orange County, New York 2015 Commercial Real Estate Market from Mansfield Commercial Real Estate
  • Orange County 5 Year Vacancy Rate
  • Tax Study by Town
  • Tax Study by School District
    Relocating New York demographics of Northeast located between three major highways, airport, river, land area accessible, land development. contact Orange County Partnership - economic development.
    The Orange County Partnership
    Office of Economic Development
    40 Matthews Street, Suite 108
    Goshen NY, 10924
    Phone: 845-294-2323
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